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Product Alerts / Recalls

Product Alerts and Recalls listed on this page are not intended to be a definitive reference. Other product alerts/recalls may exist. Please visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission by clicking on the image below for additional information.

> U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision

Recall Notices / Alerts [2023]
[April 2023]

FIELD SAFETY ADVISORY - RegO Models 302, 302P, 302V, 302VP, 302V9 & 302V9LS Compact Single Stage Regulators

• RegO 302 Series Regulators •
RegO has become aware of an issue with the Compact Single Stage Regulators with model numbers 302, 302V, 302V9 & 302V9LS with manufacturing date codes of 09/22 through 02/23 where the regulators will leak at the bonnet and body connection. Included in these date codes will be regulators marked “21/22” as well as “12/22”. In some instances, the crimped connection can leak if a small amount of force is applied to the bonnet of the regulator. THIS COULD RESULT IN A FIRE OR EXPLOSION AND SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR BOTH.

Recall Notices / Alerts [2020]
[June 2020]

FIELD ADVISORY - Vent Screen Suppressor

• RegO Vent Screen Suppressor •
If you have noted noise (hum) issues with the LV4403TR series first stage regulators contact your authorized RegO distributor for a replacement vent screen suppressor assembly (4403-30).

Recall Notices / Alerts [2019]
[December 2019]

SAFETY NOTICE - Bosch Recalls Buderus Boilers Due To Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

• Buderus GB125-35 oil-condensing boilers •
The siphon can become blocked, leading to a delayed ignition that can damage the boiler’s exhaust system, creating a carbon monoxide hazard. Consumers should immediately contact Bosch for a free repair. Consumers who continue to use the boilers while awaiting repair should have a working carbon monoxide alarm installed outside of sleeping areas in the home.

Recall Notices / Alerts [2018]
[July 2018]

> SAFETY NOTICE - Square D disconnects furnished with REZNOR equipment

Schneider Electric has notified the CPSC of a potential failure of their disconnect switches to disconnect power in the off position. The subject disconnects may have been received as an option on a REZNOR heater, or as an individual component. The failure poses the possibility of personal injury

[June 2018]

> SAFETY NOTICE - To Propane Distributors and Fillers

This Safety Notice concerns 33.5 lb. aluminum forklift cylinders manufactured by Manchester Tank & Equipment Company from 1992 through 1993 only.

[March 2018]

> Zoomlock Service Bulletin - All 1-1/8"" Elbows (90's and 45's) using 15 kN Klauke/RLS/Parker tool system

Note: RIGID compatible jaws and 19 kN Klauke/RLS/Parker tools and jaws are not affected.

Recall Notices / Alerts [2017]
[July 2017]

> Allied Air Handler Notice

[July 2017]

> Allied Air Time Delay Relay Replacement Instructions

[February 2017]

> REGO Field Advisory - L7579 1-3/4" X 1-1/4" MNPT Filler Valve

Date Codes 8B16 to 1C17

[February 2017]

> Manchester Tank statement regarding REGO field advisory

Recall Notices / Alerts [2016]
[December 2016]

> R.W. Beckett Firomatic 1/2" Female Pipe Thread Fusible Safety Valve Pin

p/n 12130 (REM Catalog# 2K249)

[December 2016]

> Firomatic 1/2" FPT Fusible Safety Valve p/n 12130